• Lecture time: Thursday: 13:30:00 - 14:20:00 ET
  • Lab time: Tuesday: 13:30:00 - 15:20:00 ET
  • Domain: Agriculture
  • Keywords: Agriculture, Climate, Machine Learning, Viticulture, Weather Data
  • Tools: AI forecast generation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Exploration, Data Integration, Machine Learning, Python, Time Series Data Analysis
  • Citizenship: Open to all students

Build off the previous Data Mine team and their LSTM model to determine which weather variables within the model have the highest relationship with yield. Investigate AI-driven long-range weather forecast models (ideally 3 + month) to predict next season grape wine yields.


***Please see the PDF for a detailed project description. When registering for this project in UniTime, look for 'BASF (Wine)' in the Note section, and select the appropriate CRN.***