Stratolaunch - Marketing Analytics
Closed for Registration
  • Lecture time: Friday: 15:30:00 - 16:20:00 ET
  • Lab time: Monday: 15:30:00 - 17:20:00 ET
  • Domain: Marketing
  • Keywords: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Consumer Experience, Dashboard, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Market Trends, Social Media, User Analytics, User Experience
  • Tools: Cision, Power BI
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizens and permanent residents preferred

Every channel matters: new media, traditional media, social, large platform walled gardens, decentralized upstarts, pseudonymous, anonymous, etc. What are the best ways to model these heterogeneous data sources and interaction frameworks.


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