• Lecture time: Friday: 11:30:00 - 12:20:00 ET
  • Lab time: Monday: 11:30:00 - 13:20:00 ET
  • Domain: Manufacturing
  • Keywords: LangChain, Large Language Models, Machine Learning, Python, Time Series Analysis, Vector and Raster Data, Visualizations
  • Tools: Gradio, Hugging Face, Pandas, Python, Pytorch, StreamLit
  • Citizenship: Open to all students

Creating a data dashboard with an integrated chatbot capable of helping the user to perform a variety of data mining and analysis tasks including: retrieving, preprocessing and visualizing sensor data, summarizing and answering questions about data and time-series forecasting.


Please see the PDF for a detailed project description. When registering for this project in UniTime, look for 'Caterpillar' in the Note section, and select the appropriate CRN.